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Mobile Surgical Technologies,, Inc. is a true fee-per-case provider of medical laser systems, for use in surgical and aesthetic procedures, in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.  Information about our services and online scheduling of procedures may be obtained at this site.


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80w Holmium:YAG Surgical Laser System


MST Services
MST  Fee-Per-Case Services
Ho:YAG 80w Holmium:YAG Surgical Laser System


Continuing Education
Continuing Education
Training Training  -  upcoming workshops
Journal Articles Journal Articles - pertinent literature review


About MST
About MST
Advantage MST Parent Company - Trimedyne, Inc.
Equipment MST Advantage - fee-per-case
Technical Staff MST Technical Staff - certified laser operators
Staff MST Staff - responsive customer service
Protocols MST Protocols -  safety, procedures, scheduling
Carreers MST Career Opportunities - work with us


Our Mission

Mobile Surgical Technologies, Inc. is a Texas based company dedicated to providing the most technologically advanced surgical instrumentation to the medical community in the safest, most economical, and professional manner possible.


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Mobile Surgical Technologies

17817 Davenport Road    Suite 315      Dallas, TX    75252


Phone:  972-735-8003 800-765-9661
    Fax: 972-735-8020 866-572-7407

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